Connecting Nordic and German companies with international markets
Sweden is an export driven economy with exports in 2014 reaching 1,745 Bn SEK and accounting for 45% of GDP and expected to grow higher in 2015. Way back in 2009 we recognised the need for a recruitment service that specialised in helping Swedish companies operate in international markets by tapping into the experience, cultural background and language skills of international professionals and students in Sweden.

Our industry focus
We specialise in Technology, Media, Entertainment, Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Telecom, Logistics and Non-Profit sectors.

Our market focus
We recruit talent specific to EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa), BRIC (Brazil, India, Russia & China) and SEA (South East Asia).
Our practice     
International market entry
International sales
International operations
For companies considering entering new markets, we provide a comprehensive research solution covering pre-entry market research, operations research and business plan research. Our consultants are supported by our network of local partners in over 30 countries covering all aspects of research from economic statistics and forecasts to legal council.

Understanding local consumer behavior, establishing connections and building a sales force is critical to sales success.
We help companies enter emerging markets by providing sales strategy & process consulting, sales support & lead generation for regional managers and local sales and business development talent that works as an extension of your sales force.

We provide an end to end recruitment solution to support your international operations. This includes consulting to help plan your local organisation, recruitment to meet your skill, language and cultural requirements and translation and services to support business operations and communications across markets. We also offer cultural orientation workshops in selected markets

"By 2016, 88% of the world's population will live in emerging markets"
Insights: Swedish companies going global
Swedish CEO's see big potential in Iran
Swedish executives say there is great business potential in Iran in the wake of the historic nuclear deal that could see economic sanctions lifted. Iran needs precisely the kinds of products that Swedish firms can deliver," said Stefan Karlsson, head of the country risk analysis department at the Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board (EKN)
Swedish giant IKEA to buy land from Oberoi Realty for first city shop
IKEA, the world's largest furniture retailer which is planning to set up a chain of retail shops in India, is in advanced talks to acquire a land plot in Mumbai from Oberoi Realty, Mumbai-based real estate developer for Rs 400 crore.
ABB investing in infrastructure, logistics in Suez Canal
In the New Suez Canal project, we have two roles; one as investors to work in the free zone area and the other as technology provider for construction, which requires power, water and infrastructure. The company can provide energy solutions to the projects' facilities.
IKEA products: Made in Uttar Pradesh, sold in Sweden
As it gets ready to open its first outlet in India, home furnishing giant IKEA turns to rural and semi-rural regions to help double sourcing from the country from 315 million to 630 million euros.
Booming exports boost for Sweden's economy
The weaker-than-normal Swedish krona has strengthened the export industry, which has also benefited from a stronger European market. Last month Swedish exports amounted to a total value of 108,9 billion kronor – 14 percent more than June last year and the highest level in several years.
Sweden's Catella expands into Spain/Portugal management
Stockholm-based advisor and asset manager Catella says it has recognised recovery in Spain and is expanding into property investment in Spain and Portugal with a new business led by former PwC partner Javier Hortelano.
Turkey's Economic Miracle and its Swedish Cheerleaders
One can understand the lure of Turkey's economy for Swedish firms – the country has 74 million inhabitants, a relatively young population, is the 17th largest country in terms of IMF-measured PPP GDP. Moreover, the government's expansion in infrastructure and technology sectors coupled with a burgeoning middle class, the possibility of a resolution to the decades-long conflict in the east, as well as a possible stepping stone into the Middle East, all add to the pull.
Sweden Invited To Invest In Greece
Greece is becoming a favorite tourism destination among Swedish tourists. Last year, 368,834 Swedes visited Greece, against 319,756 in 2012, registering an increase of 15.3 percent. According to the tourism minister, a 93.5 percent increase of Swedish arrivals to Greece has been recorded in 2014. as 8,795 Swedes visited the country during the first quarter of the year, compared to 4,546 tourists in the corresponding period in 2013.
Sweden looks to Africa to boost trade
Finance Minister Anders Borg said Sweden needed to sell to more markets outside Europe. Sub-Saharan Africa's economy would expand 5.6% this year and 6.1% in the next one, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said last month. The region is outgrowing an estimated global expansion of 3.3% this year. Africa's youthful population, its huge production potential, its market and its vitality will play a crucial role when it comes to vitalising the world economy.
Sweden's investment to Lithuania gather momentum
Skandia has chosen Lithuania out of 10 countries, and is opening Thule Customer Service Centre, which will provide accounting and insurance administration services. The company will start with 70 employees, and, if its performance is successful, plans to create up to 250 jobs.
Over 10,000 Swedish companies trade with china
China is currently Sweden's largest trading partner in Asia and trade with China has consistently increased the last couple of years, which can be attributed to China's accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 2001. Apart from approximately 10,000 Swedish companies that trade with China, there are more than 500 Swedish companies established in China.
Sweden's Job Market Attracts Educated Greeks
"I have a better chance for getting a job here than in Greece," electrical engineer Charis Katsakakis, just arrived from Athens, told the broadcaster. And despite being a recent graduate and not knowing any Swedish, his prospects of finding work in Sweden are good, Karancsi told SR. "Many of the larger Swedish companies have trainee-schemes and also recruit for the future and there is a great chance of being accepted to these, even if you don't speak fluent Swedish," he told SR
Insights into Stockholm
Insider tips: Sthlm tech start-ups
Every month we let a business insider share his or her hottest investment tips..
World's No1 for intellectual capital
Stockholm is the world's top city for intellectual capital and innovations, according to PWC.
Stockholm a startup giant
International investors increasingly scouting the city for the next rising star.
Gates Foundation invests in Sthlm
The Gates Foundation is planning to meet several companies in Stockholm..

Innovation driven co-working spaces
In just over one year an impressive eight new co-working spaces have opened in Stockholm.

Stockholm tops competitive ranking
Stockholm's will continue to attract investment, tourists and workers until 2025.
"By 2016, 2/3 of global GDP will occur in emerging markets"
Insights: Swedish trade by country SOURCE: INVEST IN SWEDEN
$13.5 Bn

United States
$10.3 Bn

$7.5 Bn

$5.5 Bn

$4.4 Bn

$3.8 Bn

$3.3 Bn

$2.6 Bn

$2.0 Bn

$1.9 Bn

$1.7 Bn

$1.4 Bn

$1.2 Bn

South Africa
$1.1 Bn

$849 Mn

$862 Mn

$737 Mn

$703 Mn

$493 Mn

$419 Mn

$328 Mn

$249 Mn

$180 Mn

$140 Mn

$70 Mn

"Swedish exports in 2014,
totalled 1,745 Billion SEK and 45% of GDP"
Insights: Top Swedish exporters SOURCE: INVEST IN SWEDEN

$109.0 Bn SEK $88.6 Bn SEK $38.7 Bn SEK

$28.2 Bn SEK $26.09 Bn SEK $18 Bn SEK

$17.0 Bn SEK $15.2 Bn SEK $13.0 Bn SEK
$9.0 Bn SEK $8.0 Bn SEK $3.5 Bn SEK
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