Connecting Nordic and German companies with international markets
Sweden is an export driven economy with exports in 2014 reaching 1,745 Bn SEK and accounting for 45% of GDP and expected to grow higher in 2015. Way back in 2009 we recognised the need for a recruitment service that specialised in helping Swedish companies operate in international markets by tapping into the experience, cultural background and language skills of international professionals and students in Sweden.

Our industry focus
We specialise in Technology, Media, Entertainment, Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Telecom, Logistics and Non-Profit sectors.

Our market focus
We recruit talent specific to EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa), BRIC (Brazil, India, Russia & China) and SEA (South East Asia).


Knowledge through diversity
We are a group of professionals from over 20 different countries. Our cultural diversity and individual insights into local markets enables us to deliver research, strategy and recruitment solution specially tailored to your market.
Sweden (Startup operations)
Sofia Berg, Operations
Aurora Renström, Community manager
Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) group
Josefine Lundqvist, Recruitment
Dane Schurink, Recruitment
Lea Lindgren, Recruitment
Ali Mårtensson, Business
Noel Nwanneka, Research associate, S.A
Mika Harila, Research associate
Fatima Sameer, Consulting
Mumtaz Jabril, Operations
Fayiz Ali, EMEA events
Iskandar Imran, Help desk
Zahia Adil, Research associate, U.A.E
Sally Abeka, Research associate
Kenneth Ombede, Training
Daniel Akuchi, Research director, S.A
Uthman Hiba, Analyst
Noel Mosi, Consulting
Aaron Finch, Senior Analyst
South East Asia (SEA) group
Eliot Gendron, Recruitment
Sanjay Shankar, Recruitment
Deepali Kanta, Research associate
Dipti Metha, Analyst
Nathan Sun, Research
Siyi Wang, Recruitment
Liang Teng, Recruitment
Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC) group
Cettina Giordano, Recruitment
Felipe Rodrigues Melo, Recruitment
Asha Magana Casares, Recruitment
Marina Kharitonova, Research associate
Tatiana Bulankov, Analyst
Roberto Arvidsson, Analyst
Ilya Aliyev, Consulting
Jessica Ruixiang, Consulting
Gustavo Bellucci, Events
Julia Miloslavskaya, Accounts
Nikolay Danilov, Research Associate
Chao Tong, Analyst
Astrid Robillard, Research associate
Rustom Poonawala, Consulting (Telco)
Joey Lam, Marketing
Jin Qu, Research Associate
Frank Min, Consulting
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